Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who's happier when holidays are coming?

Hooray! Today is the last school day of the third term.  Monday onwards, there will be
  • no screaming at the kids to wake up for morning tuition class or school
  • no need to chauffeur Wyng for tuition as the tutor normally gives advance additional classes so as to take a break during school holidays.
  • no stressing over whether the kids have done their school or tuition homework.
  • no rushing to prepare early lunch for Wyng and worry about whether he gets well-fed before he goes to school.
  • no need to be a pest and plead to the kids to hit the sack early for school the next day
  • no waking up early to cook breakfast for Hoe as he goes to school in the morning
  • no need to remind Wyng to pack his school bag and sharpen his pencils
  • no yelling at Wyng for taking ages to shower in the bathroom
  • lastly, Wyng can take his own sweet time at the dining table without Mom yelling at him to quickly finish his meals
God is always fair. To enjoy all the above, Mom has to bear with boisterousness at home simply because the kids will be at home.  All these for just a short one week but enough for Mom to destress and relax for a while.

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