Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spending a fortune for your kid's mischief

This post appeared in my lost blog on 24 August 2008.  This is a reposting of the same one.

Don't we parents always end up paying a fortune for the kid's mischief? Wyng and his wacky behaviour can be unnerving. Would you believe that he would stuff foreign particles into his nose or ear (maybe to attract my attention)? I've seen him doing this with my own eyes once and I don't doubt that he may have daringly attempted these a few times.

Just about a month ago, Tr O informed me that there's a foreign white particle in Wyng's ear. (Want to guess how Tr O can even explore that part of the anatomy?) I was quite relentless that it's going to be harmless and the foreign particle may just fall off after a while since Wyng didn't complain of any discomfort or ache. Tr O reminded me once again a couple of weeks later whether I should take Wyng to the doctor.

Eventually, I realised I may end up burning a bigger hole in my pocket if I procrastinate taking him to the doctor. What if his ear got infected? The last I want is Wyng's hearing to be affected adversely because of Mommy's over-frugality.

It was an experience for Wyng (and myself and Qo Qo) to visit an ENT specialist for the first time. The long wait for the doctor didn't dampen our anticipatory mood to find out what's residing in Wyng's ear.

A 5-minute treatment by the magical hands of the specialist did just the job. What was cleared off the ear was a piece of hardened tissue compressed into the size of a red bean. Some dark brown wax was removed after that. Nothing serious, of course. And this cost RM83!

Wyng was very cooperative and stayed motionless on the patient bed throughout the procedure. No fretting or complaining. Just a slight 'arghh' when the doctor removed the wax after the tissue.

What followed after the visit was several stern reminders not to insert anything into the ear, nose, mouth or any parts of the body. Refusal to obey will mean a surgery by the doctor (no choice but to introduce this threat).

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