Thursday, August 11, 2011

How horrendous can Uranus be?

It was a Sunday in March. We were in our car on a highway.  A gigantic billboard caught the kids' attention, 'Mars Needs Moms'.  Wyng then concocted 'Venus Needs Dads' which Mom and Dad thought, 'Yeah,you are creative.'

Listen up what he had to say next. He babbled something about the solar system and mentioned planet Uranus. (Are you ready for this?) Wyng split the word Uranus and pronounced it as two words 'Ur (which he pronounced as 'your') anus'!!

We turned to him.  Daddy was speechless, as usual.  Not wanting to give him so much of attention for saying such horrible thing, I gave him a smack and warned him not to say it again.

Lesson from the kid is they can be creative in the wrong way, at times.

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