Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

A place worth going..

The boys with cousin,See dining under one of the supertrees
It was such a different and unique experience.  We were so lucky to be able to find a perfect spot to have our dinner.  After a satisfying Texas chicken for dinner which we bought just a stone's throw away, we were able to enjoy the supertrees light and sound show.

Friday, December 28, 2012

More light and water show from Singapore

As promised, here are two more videos we captured when we were there witnessing this breathtaking light and sound show.

Mesmerised with the fountain 'movie' clip, we couldn't take our eyes off the fountain.  We oohed and aahed throughout the entire show.  Wyng's head couldn't help turning to the back to look at the source of the light and image.  Apparently, the image is projected from a tower right behind us.

I hope you have enjoyed the show here.  Without doubt, it's never the same compared with watching it live, especially with your children. My kids had endless things to say about the wonder of technology to project movie on water from a fountain after the show.

I have watched different version of the show on Youtube, perhaps the show goes by various theme in order to provide refreshing attractions to tourists.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Light and water show at Marina Bay Sands

I applaud Singapore for coming up with this magnificent light and sound show to mesmerize visitors at Marina Bay Sands. If you have seen the light and sound show at Sentosa Island, you should also see this which is different.

This kind of attraction should captivate any tourist.  Moreover, we don't even have to part with a single cent to enjoy this innovative light performance.

Sit tight and enjoy while I upload more videos.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday at Lion City

Duck Tour

After 3 years of absence from this roaring city, we were back here for a short holiday.  This time, we took a ride on the Duck Tour.  Although this tour was started since many years ago, I have not tried it.  This time my niece who is a Singaporean PR recommended this ride.  It was supposed to be a one-hour ride on land and along Kallang River but everything took only about 50 minutes.
A snap with my cousin and sister prior to boarding

Pre-boarding briefing 

Recording in multiple languages during the tour
At SGD33 per person, this ride is not cheap at all.  What we got to enjoy were sight-seeing of the landmarks of unique architecture along Kallang River. Among them are Marina Bay Sands, The Float, The ArtScience Museum, The Promenade and The Singapore Flyer.

The Esplanade

The Float

Hoe managed to take a glimpse of SM Town World Tour Live in Singapore' performing at The Float on 23 November from The Promenade. And he enjoyed it without buying a ticket! Lucky him!

Merlion at The Promenade
The ArtScience Museum
Due to time constraint, we didn't get to visit the museum for one of CNN's 12 must-see exhibitions 'The Art of The Brick'.  And because of this, I got to hear hours of whining from Wyng.  Lego and all this science thing is supposed to be so important to him. 

The Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands on the left
The Domes of Garden By The Bay 
On land, we passed by ..

The Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City
Civilian War Memorial
The pillars of the memorial also known as 'Chopsticks' resembles four chopsticks symbolising unity among the four major races in the city.

That's about it, for the fare that we paid. If you have not visited Singapore, perhaps this tour is worth it. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our new pets

They don't need to be bathed and poop everywhere, so it's fine.  Mom has no better reason to reject these pets except that the aquarium has to be cleaned frequently by someone.  The new occupants moved in last week, occupying the little corner at the car porch.  So welcomed were they that the three men of the house cooperated to set up their new home.

Filling up with more water
More fish moving in

Finally! Enjoy yourselves!
The Oscars are aggressive fish, I was told. And the other silvery, bigger and smaller ones are put into the tank as prey to the Oscars. Let's see how long they survive.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The best in Cameron Highlands

Have you ever seen a peacock open its feathers? When I was very young, I remember I saw a peacock which had its feathers already opened and it was just for a split second.  My memory told me those were not very vibrantly coloured feathers.

This one rare encounter we had at Rose Valley at Cameron Highlands captivated us.  We didn't expect to see a pair of peacocks in a cage whilst going round the rose farm apart from the numerous rare flowers.

We were about to walk away from the cage when Wyng screamed, 'The peacock open its feathers!' Scrambling closer to the cage, we quickly got out our digicam and handphones to snap the magical moments.
We were the luckiest that day! Witnessing this angelic bird as a family.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A lousy sitter

The above two were taken when Wyng was in his pre-school year. He was never able to seat his entire buttock on a chair.

In his moody times..

Even when he was sleepy and dozed off...

Or playing enthusiastically on the electronic gadget..

At times, when he gets engrossed in his books, this is how he sits himself.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What can you do at Cameron Highlands?

The Water Cress Valley was our choice of visit this time. We'd never stepped into this farm previously. To make our visit interesting, we wanted to try this out.  We didn't walk around the fly-infested farm.  Lazing and enjoying the fresh and cool air at the restaurant on top of the farm, tried the water cress and its drink.  The vegetables was fresh and crisp. Mind you, we already had our lunch prior to visiting the farm but we just could not resist trying this highland's produce.

Fresh water cress as 'dessert'

Water cress drink
Wyng, trying his hands at the photo-shooting
This time around, I was also more open to allow my kids to snap my pictures.  When I was not holding my Canon,  I encouraged them to snap tonnes of pictures of the countless vibrant flowers in this highland.  Looks like I am learning to appreciate these flora now.  Not only that, there were many unique flowers which captivated us.  

And after this trip, I notice my photography skill improved. One stone killed a few birds. Scenic view, fresh air, fresh vegetables, feast to the eyes, learn more about nature and many more...

We are familiar with the swimming stingray but not these which grow on trees.  These are stingray flowers. Wyng couldn't help but be mesmerised by this rare species. 
Wyng admiring the stingray flower (the dark red with white dots)

Posing closely with the stingray flower

White hibiscus
I've never seen a white hibiscus until this trip. Not only that, the hibiscus here are much larger than those we normally see in hotter weather.

Despite so many trips to Cameron, this was the first time I saw live lavender. They are so pretty, aren't they?
Lantern flower
Solanum mommosum 
This yellow fruits look familiar? I remember them as one used by my mother for prayers.
Long gourds (left-growing, right-as decorative)

High-heeled shoes flower
Chilli red tomatoes
Flora, flora, I wish I can take you home and put you in my garden

Saturday, November 24, 2012

We will not visit Cameron Highlands

Not until after five years, at least.

In love with the cool and fresh air, Mom and Dad decided to take the kids to the tea highland again. Our second trip there in two years.

This was the fourth trip for Hoe and the third for Wyng since the last six years, if my memory doesn't fail me. So seasoned are we about the highland that the kids can almost tell what the next activity was as we hopped from one spot to another.

Our usual first stop, Cameron Valley Tea House, where we savoured some cakes and drank the famous tea.

The sign speaks for itself

Lemongrass tea for Dad and the conventional teh tarik for Mom
The strawberry cheesecake and marble cake were yummy that each of us had our own piece.

To break the routine a little, this time we didn't go up to Gunung Brinchang, which we normally do.  Instead of snapping pictures amidst those tea trees, we opted to do so at  the second Cameron Valley Tea House at Bharat tea plantation on the way to Brinchang.

While waiting for the kids to explore the plantation, Mom relaxed at the tea house
Too sunny..

Who's that behind me?

Obliging for the camera
What can you do at Cameron Highlands?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to help your kid to earn some pocket money?

Since it's school holidays and they don't go to school, hence no pocket money for them. We can easily give them pocket money to spend but wait a minute.  Why not make them contribute some of their young and abundant energy to some good cause, at least at home?

Make them do your housework for you. During schooldays, with homework and extra-curricular activities, they may not have time to even wash their own dishes, not to mention to help out Mom in other housework. So, assign them housework which they don't normally have the time to do.  Pay them their pocket money right after they complete their task.  This way, they can feel the instant gratification.

I made Hoe cook lunch that day, with my close guidance and supervision. The menu was my steam chicken and potato. Today, he was pretty left on his own to cook fried rice, except for some pointers and reminders.

He was also made to wash my car.  It was done so quickly, so don't expect a clean car such as that washed by the 'professional' car washer.  Another task he helped me was to tidy up and tie the stacks of old books to be given away to the underpriviliged for recycling.

Hoe will never say 'No' as he needs the money to top up his Hotlinks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is it easy to say No to your kids?

It's easy to give the kids what they ask for, saying 'NO' to them is difficult.

When you give them the green light, it opens up their eyes almost instantly, a wide smile too. You may see them vanish in split second, right to their computer (kids' all-time favourite in this IT era), without any sign of gratitude for saying 'Yes' to them.

If you object to their demands, groans and moans will follow.  Hostile stares and frowning faces are expected.  After all the facial protests, next come the verbal ones, of course.  The 'whys' will be showered to me.  Not that they want to know the real reasons for depriving them of their pleasures, all they are after is indulgence in their favourite pastime.

More headache will come when they start to bombard Mom with questions or remarks which sometimes can pierce you through the heart.

"You are a bad mother,"
"You always don't let me..."

Wyng can't hold his tears if he is forbidden to do something he yearns to, for instance, iPad-ing or playing on Dad's tablet or smart phone.

Yet, someone hard-headed like me will not give in.  Or to put it crudely, it takes a black heart mom to say No when the kids demand relentlessly.

So, it's really not easy.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crazy about Ninja Warrior

Concave warped wall
Similar to the Wipeout obstacle show, this current programme on channel 617 is the kids' current craze.  Wyng is so hooked on this show that it replaces his favourite anime show.

Now, this programme is always their first choice whenever the TV is turned on.  Without sitting down in front of the TV to watch, this show used to be quite annoying to Mom as the narrator rattles throughout the show in lightning speed, in a language alien to me. But, when you care to seat yourself watching the super-lean contestants battle against each other in the obstacle course, you will find yourself attracted to their resilience.
I was in for a surprise when I watched Paul Hamm, an American Olympic gold gymnast, fought against time to complete the obstacle course.

Steely determination and robust stamina and strength rule the game!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another trip to Langkawi again

My other half, still hasn't had enough of Langkawi yet, suggested going to this mystical island this coming holiday.

Again! In the same year?? 

I'm sure there are other more attractive places to visit in our country.  Although there are a few spots we have yet to explore, I am not in favour of going through hours of land and sea travel to get to the same place within the same year.

The kids don't really mind but I think the money should be well-spent on a totally new place.  Even if we have to go to the same destination, it should be on another year.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Robotics class

For someone who loves to assemble robots, Transformers or aeroplanes and what not, Robotics is just right for him.

It got me thinking and looking for a while the kind of activities that Wyng may like. I finally found something which I think will be his cup of tea.  When I introduced the concept of using a computer software to assemble robots, Wyng jumped to the idea.  And he actually waited for more than a month before he finally managed to lay his hands, for the first time, on those small pieces of Lego parts.

It was quite a memorable first day at the class as we were late. Actually, we would not have been late if not for the slow service at the eatery at Summit where the centre is. While waiting for our lunch and in order to maximise our time, we actually hurried to the centre and registered Wyng.  Registration was a breeze, no hassle at all.

Hurrying through his lunch but didn't finish it, Wyng started the class 15 minutes late.  Every child has a computer in front of them and fortunately a seat seemed to be deliberately left vacant for Wyng.  We were convinced that Wyng had only missed a small part of the session.  After making sure that Wyng was all ready for the session we left the centre.

Looking patiently for the right parts 

6cm, 10cm, where are you?
When we went back to fetch Wyng after about 1 hour and 45 minutes (it's a 2-hour session),  most of the kids had their robot models successfully assembled.  Wyng was seen still busy scampering but in really serious mode between his workstation and the boxes of Lego parts on the floor, searching for the right parts.

As it was about time to round up the session, a teenage boy was seen helping Wyng with the getting the parts and assembly.  In just a while, Wyng was asked to be at the competition board.  He, just like the other kids, was given a time span to shoot the targets.  Alas! He managed to score -60 because he also shot down a police which gave him a demerit!

Done, finally!
Wyng's first robot assembly, with some guidance.  To make sure that Wyng is able enough to handle the course, I went to enquire the reason for his 'slowness'.   I was told that the mission (robot assembly) on that day was slightly on the tough side and being his first class, Wyng faced some difficulties.

Here's the masterpiece!
Some kids who had completed assembling their robots first were competing in some kind of shooting competition on the floor.  Here, it was Wyng's turn with his shooting mission. Not that successful but it was all about fun.  Somehow, his name was announced as the recipient of an excellence award. Anyway, it's a good way just to get the kid's enthusiasm going.  The reward is a little 'achievement' sticker in his record.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I made him cook lunch

I think this is the most productive things he had done throughout the short break from the moment his PMR was over til today.

Trying to make him contributing to something at home and not just sit himself for hours in front of the idiot box and computer, I made him prepare lunch.  It doesn't matter if it's just simple lunch.  He was under my close supervision.  Standing next to him in our kitchen, he was directed step by step patiently how to cook steam chicken with potatoes, my first even menu and the best thing, the kids' favourite. 

Well, to motivate him to do this more willingly, I promised him a reward, a monetary reward. Well, as a student and an owner of a mobile phone, he needs to find a source to get money to top up his communcative device. So, earning a small allowance during the holidays is one of the ways to sustain his 'lifestyle' ie of having the luxury to use a mobile phone.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Where to go during the holidays?

It's a pleasure to be able to go on vacation but it can be a headache to decide where to go especially when you have a budget constraint as well as the factor of time.

I was toying with the idea of getting closer to nature at Titi Eco Farm. But, it will also be opening myself to the threat of these blood-sucking creatures.  In fact, I had this idea since about two years ago, but I still haven't got the guts to face brave this nightmare yet.  But, it's a really good opportunity for the kids to appreciate mother nature.  Ideal for relaxation too, for the older ones especially.

The hyped Legoland should be every child's dream.  Already Hoe was telling me how thrilling the rollercoaster is, according to his friend.

Singapore's Universal Studio was suggested a few months ago.  The kids would die to go.  Maybe next year.  Though this is not comparable to our Legoland, I prefer visiting the latter first.  The currency pinch is also something we have to consider.

Genting Highlands?? No! We will be greeted with throngs of enthusiasts, gamblers and holiday makers wanting to have a ball at their upgraded theme parks. There isn't even space to move around comfortably in the indoor parks.  The kids must be loathing me for rejecting this again.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The people you love hurt you the most

Why do people you love hurt you the most?  

Because what they say, don't say, do or don't do matter to you more than anything else.

Do you care when people insignificant to you say or do something? 

No, because only the ones you love matter.

Just my thought that I want to share with viewers of my blog, as I brave the journey of motherhood.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dinosaurs Live in Malaysia

A close encounter with 'real' dinosaurs.

They are as good as real. With wagging tail, some are roaring, flying or moving. They are live-sized!








The names of these dinosaurs are provided by courtesy of Wyng. For those rarer ones, we googled and even referred to his 'Know The World of Dinosaurs' book.