Sunday, August 7, 2011

He hacked into my computer again

I almost could not believe my eyes.  As soon as I turned on the computer, a Facebook page appeared and the screen looked different to me. Thoughts of my computer being infected with virus started to flash in my mind.  But then, upon closer look, it was my kid's FB wall.  No wonder the screen looked different, Hoe used Google Chrome to open his FB. It's faster, I remember he told me.

I remembered precisely I shut down the computer the night before.  So, no way he could log in using my acoount unless he hacked into my account.  The truth began to surface.  He hacked into his Daddy's computer account, I later discovered.

For control, my husband and I each have an account to access the computer.  I know he must have tried hacking into my account but failed as I don't put any hint (Microsoft allows a hint to be shown when the user forgets his password) knowing fully well that Hoe would 'abuse' it and might try hacking into it.  Daddy unknowingly put a hint which gave Hoe a higher chance of success of hacking.

One weakness of his is he does not log off properly most of the time after using an application.  This was when Mom discovered his 'illegal' antics.  Upon interrogation, he admitted he hacked into it.  There was no remorse shown on his face at all. 

A lesson Mom learnt much earlier is not to put any hint when a password is used.

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