Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mom's own recipe for the kids

Sweet and yummy steamed chicken with potato

It's really not easy having picky eaters like my younger one, Wyng. Bored with cooking him the same old dish for his lunch, I was kind of adventurous and think of a way to vary this fussy kid's appetite.  Potato is not his favourite. Anyway, this kid's appetite can be really erratic. In fact, he doesn't fancy french fries. Neither does he eats the potatoes in the ABC soup (potatoes and carrot soup) Mom boils.

Steamed chicken is his regular menu since steaming is so much healthier than deep frying which most kids love including mine.  And steaming is cleaner to the kitchen, leaves no trail of grease on my kitchen wall.  Instead of adding ginger (which Wyng doesn't like), I vary the flavour of steamed chicken and experimented with potatoes.  I adventurously added strips of potatoes knowing that potatoes are known to sweeten soup and porridge.  Since potatoes are not his favourite, I didn't expect him to eat the potatoes.  I just needed the sweet flavour.

Surprise! Surprise! He loves the potatoes and the chicken.  True enough, the steamed potatoes are so tender and sweet. Mom likes it too though she's not a potato lover. This dish is Wyng's favourite now. He not only gobbles the potatoes, he loves the 'sweetened' gravy to go with his rice.

Mom's lesson from the kids is 'It's worth the effort when the kids love something you created for them.'

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