Thursday, January 20, 2011

Close Facebook

This was what claimed on 16 January 2011 in a local newspaper. And, I believe many are going to be making a big issue over this.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Building a mosque

He incorporates so many details in this drawing. And I wonder why he drew a picture of people building a mosque and not other building. What inspired him? Let me find out more from him, if I can.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Excited on the first day

Instead of having tears and resist going to school, he was excited and looked forward to school, even though he denied liking school on the Sunday before school reopened. It's obvious from the picture that he missed his classmate.

Like all doting parents,we (W's daddy actually took leave to make sure he witnessed his son's first day (even though on his second year) at school) sent W to school. Taking him into the school hall for assembly, W insisted that I didn't hold his hand. But, when Daddy persisted, he relented.

Why would he feel shy that Mommy held his hands? But when Daddy held his hands, it's alright.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I am glad we stopped our kid from being active

Hoe managed to get into the top class this year. I can only say that he is one lucky boy as I notice that this class consists of a mixture of top students and other above average ones. Apparently, streaming this year is done on random basis.

Whatever basis is used, I am glad that he can still be in the company of bright students this year to motivate and challenge him. He feels the stress but this is definitely healthy for him,the indisciplined one. Now,I don't feel so bad for forbidding him to join his camps in his Scouts movement and from being too active. I got strong objections from him but we were insistent and did not give in to his grievances. This 'inactivity' means he may miss out on the opportunity to lead his group this year. Academics is still given the priority by us. So, he has to learn to accept this.

One of his Scouts mates who is of the same age devotes so much of his time to Scouts that Hoe and I strongly believe his commitment to Scouts affected his academic performance. Due to his active involvement, he got promoted to a higher rank which Hoe was aiming for and unfortunately, missed. This friend of his ends up in a very weak class this year,in fact a demotion.

What a difference!

One seems to grow 'vertically' and the other 'horizontally'. You don't need me to tell you who is who.

Hoe can eat like a horse most of the time. One who sees him gobble his food would be so happy that he has no eating problem. He loves pork and rice. Pork cannot be excluded from his meals.

Wyng is the picky eater at home.  He will only take familiar food ie food he has eaten before and has no interest to try new food. 

Mom hopes Hoe can grow taller. "Come on Hoe! Play more basketball and stop those computer games." She also hopes Wyng can be a little meatier.