Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kids' rattlings - Rome was built on seven hills

Honestly, my Geography is not my strong subject especially when it comes to European countries.  Neither is History.  Well, there is no excuse for being ignorant, I have to admit.

My niece had just came back from a ten-day trip to Netherlands and she also stayed in Rome for two days.  In a short reunion, Wyng posed a question to her older cousin. 

Wyng : Did you go to the seven hills?
Cousin : Huh? (softly)
Mom : (Thinking very hard in her mind) Huh? What hill?

The usual Wyng babbled on and explained that Rome was built on seven hills.  What do those ignorant ones have to say? Nothing, except but to watch him talk in amazement.  The next thing we asked was where did he get to know about Rome.  Thanks to Mom! It was a book about Rome I bought him. 

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