Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fruits of his labour

Yes! He got straight As in the UPSR!

He could finally taste the fruits of his own labour. The few weeks of sweat and tears were worth the accolade he earns.  He did not really do consistently well in some of the subjects (especially the national language) but with close guidance and monitoring, he peaked in the end!

It was not a smooth-sailing journey as he left his vernacular school for a national controlled school with higher standard in the national language subject.  In about one and a half years, he mastered the language and scored a distinction in the first major examination of primary school. 

Wyng, proudly holding his UPSR result slip, with the principal, Mr Xavier and BM teacher, Encik Ikhwan.

Wyng, along with 10 other straight As scorers of the school.

Monday, January 11, 2016

First day in secondary school

Daddy said Wyng in this photo does not really look like him in person. To me, it does.  Here, he's in his new uniform on the first day of school in secondary years.

He's going to be in a totally new environment with new friends.  He has to start all over again to form his circle of friends as none of his former classmates are going to this school.

He's a little uncomfortable with this idea but I'm quite sure he should be able to adjust pretty fast as with his all other previous schools.

All the best, Wyng!