Friday, August 19, 2011

Should I let my teenage son attend more music lessons?

Hoe sat for his Grade 5 practical exam yesterday.  This exam will mark the end of formal piano lessons for him.  After August, there will be no more piano class for him.  Mom can bid goodbye to stress due to constant nagging and reminder to play the piano in preparation for examinations. 

He has been playing the piano since he was six, starting with the Yamaha system which he took until he was eleven. Realising that too much time is spent attending classes jointly with Hoe, Mom decided to switch him to the ABRSM system.  After sacking two teachers, Hoe finally ended up with his current teacher.  With her, he had sat for two practical and theory examinations each. 

The journey to his musical life will no longer be driven by Mom.  He has to decide if he wishes to continue playing the piano.

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