Thursday, November 19, 2009

UPSR results today

It's as though I had sat for the exam and awaiting the long-awaited results. It reminds me of my anxiety umpteen years ago. Eagerly waiting for the bombshell.

It's already nineteen minutes past 10 am. The results should have been ready for collection at the school's office by now. I don't think H has gotten his results yet. It will take the teacher a while to get the results and distribute them to the anxious students. Whatever it is, I told H not to call me only if there's good results. I shall wait for him to come back from school to convey the good news (I'm keeping my fingers crossed real tight). But, in my heart, I wish he would call.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mellowing my kid down

He's too blunt, too vocal, sometimes unstoppable. Well, at least I notice this unpleasant behaviour early and I am doing whatever I can now to tone him down.

He could be murmuring things like 'do you have any brain?', 'are you crazy?', 'what happen to you,huh?', 'why is he so stupid?', 'why are they like that?', etc to family members especially to his Qo Qo and Daddy. And, at times he would be hurling the same remarks about other people he meets and fortunately these words are not audible to others. Otherwise, Mom would have to turn into a mole for a while and go under the burrow.

I keep reminding him that it is rude to say those things. And nobody likes a rude person as a friend. If he continues to behave rudely, he would have no friends or he would get bashed by someone later. The natural reply from him is 'I don't care!'. That's just his response.

Every now and then, I would tell him that everyone likes friendly and nice people. And that he would get blessings (nice things) if he is good to his friends. This has become a habit to me. Since the past couple of weeks, I have been reminding him, 'Be nice'. Not so good a response from him in the beginning. He kind of rebelled when I said those things. But, I notice some positive changes whenever I say those words. He would look at me, smile a little and just keep quiet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's getting tougher..

Instead of mellowing with age, my temper seems to shoot up ... especially now that I am caring for my kids full-time alongside with running my business from home.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It has been three months...

It has been three months since I last blogged....

I've lost my blog It has been infected with virus and I can't access the blog to remove the virus. Now, I gotta start from scratch to post all that I've posted earlier.

So much of sweat and tears just vanished like that for no reason..... There was really tears when emotion got to my head... and there was practically wet tissues, and fingers typing on the keyboard as I reminisce those times...