Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dinosaurs Live in Malaysia

A close encounter with 'real' dinosaurs.

They are as good as real. With wagging tail, some are roaring, flying or moving. They are live-sized!








The names of these dinosaurs are provided by courtesy of Wyng. For those rarer ones, we googled and even referred to his 'Know The World of Dinosaurs' book.

Monday, October 22, 2012

He made his own milk

This was posted on 2 April 2009 in my previous blog.  Here is a reposting.

While I was busy engaged in my home office, I heard Wyng screaming something and asking for milk. As I couldn't make myself available to rush to the kitchen, I told him to give me a minute.

"I made already", he replied.

After about 15 minutes or so,I managed to finish what I was doing and proceeded to the living room. I almost got the shock of my life when I saw his empty milk bottle on the table. He had, apparently made the milk himself and obviously, drank the entire bottle. He was lying on the sofa, taking his ever needed nap. There is no trail of milk powder or untidiness in the kitchen when I went in to examine. Everything seemed to be in proper place. I really can't imagine how he knew the amount of warm water to mix with cool water. The milk is within easy reach as it is already in a milk dispenser.

Good thing is he napped without my constant reminder and his independence in getting what he want without the help of mummy. Bad thing is he could hurt himself handling the flask while attempting to prepare his needed drug.

Oh! He was 5 years and 7 months old then.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Am I doing too much for my kid?

Tomorrow is the last day of the PMR exam.  After tomorrow, it will be havoc for our home as Hoe will be declared 'free' from the major exam, for at least another year.

Wyng's last day of the final year exam will be on Tuesday. So, which means Tuesday afternoon will spell a topsy turvy home come afternoon when Wyng reaches home from school.  Hoe will be off on Tuesday as he doesn't need to sit for the Chinese Paper.

As of now when I'm blogging this, I've just completed a marathon of downloading and scanning sets of questions for Hoe to do.  It was a last-minute thing to do as I notice Hoe wasn't very strong in this Living Skills paper.  And, I've just discovered (after he told me yesterday) that he does not have any model papers except for the sets of questions from his school.  From what I gather, he doesn't seem to be able to achieve A for each set of papers he completes.

It was only yesterday that he requested me to download answers to a few sets of the other states' previous years' trial sets.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, I gave up.  His teacher gave the students questions without answers! So, instead of continuing the fruitless attempts, I volunteered to download the current year's trial papers of other states for him to do.  All in, I've downloaded questions from five states for him.  Sigh..each set took about half an hour to do, excluding downloading time.

Even Hoe said I'm too enthusiastic and diligent downloading the papers.  I hope Mom is not too overly diligent in this case as Hoe is the one sitting for the exam.  I told him he had deprived me of my weekend relaxing.  "Sorry, sorry.." Hoe kind of murmured apologetically.   " I just want hard work from you, not a sorry." was all I could say.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oriental cravings

Pork Ribs in XO sauce
Salted fish and pork
Lotus Roots,minced meat and vegetables
Oriental Cravings at One Utama
Another satisfying weekend meal for us, this time at 1Utama.  As usual, Hoe loves the pork ribs and pork.  Wyng, almost just had white rice.  He was 'forced' to have some pork, that was also stuffed into his throat (almost literally) by Mom.

These dishes are really rich and tasty.  The serving is a little too small, though. Not that cheap, the bill came to about RM100 including rice and chinese tea.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our first vegetarian dinner

It's the first time we had vegetarian dinner ever since Wyng was born.

This restaurant is located at Taman Maluri, along Jalan Jejaka, can't miss this.  It sells a fusion of Japanese and Chinese food.

Wyng's choice, his favourite sushi.
Vegetarian sushi
This traditional home-styles french beans is yummy. The minced meat tastes really rich.

French beans and minced meat
Hoe's favourite for this dinner meal was the Thai styled bean curd and french beans.  Good things are always not enough.  We couldn't get enough of these two dishes.
Thai style bean curd
Pork ribs..the taste if not bad but the texture is not porky, though.
Pork ribs
Similarly for this chicken dish.  The lemon sauce is okay, but again the texture is not so much of chicken meat.

Lemon chicken
Overall, we enjoyed this vegetarian meal.  Hoe even asked to come back for a second time. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mom gets stung everywhere she goes

I get stung wherever I go, at home.  By the blood sucking creatures.

In the living room whilst I am watching television. In the study room while I am surfing or at my PC.  I'm not even spared when I shower in my bathroom. Yes! there are mosquitoes even in my bathroom. While washing the dishes or cooking in the kitchen, I get stung too.  At the car porch, they stalk me while I hang or collect the clothes.

So, what's the solution? I seldom get bitten by these blood suckers in my bedroom ever since I have the electronic mosquito repellant.  Once in a while, I spot one or two in my room. But somehow, they don't really bother me.  So, the repellant works, in a way.

I used to dab a little repellant cream on my leg and hand while watching TV. During the daytime, I despise any stickiness on my hands or legs. Moreover, applying anything on the hands when I need to cook is definitely not a hygienic thing to do. So, I'm kind of vulnerable to these creatures during the daytime.  

Now, lately I resort to this Antimos mosquito repellant which seems to work. I've been using this for the past one week.  It's tidy and handy.  I take it almost wherever I go except to the kitchen and bathroom.  I may have to get more of these repellants as the only one I have is given to me by my sister.

At the point of blogging this, there are already a few red swollen spots on my legs.