Sunday, August 28, 2011

Would you desert your kids?

Would  you desert your kids when they have not been in your good books? What if it is for discipline issue?

I don't think I would ever do this unless they are old enough where any form of reprimand or nagging or lecturing fall on deaf ears.  My definition of desert here is confined to not talking to him, paying no attention to what's happening to him in school, basically ignore him.  Other things such as cooking for him and providing other basic needs as a parent still continues.

The only form of deserting Hoe was for just a while and is usually limited to cold stares if he does anything wrong such as bullying his brother or not talking to him but this only last for a day, the maximum, that's all.
Yet, it didn't change his behaviour.  He might just be aware that Mom was pissed off with his indiscipline or behaviour but for him to realise that he should change and that what he is doing is not acceptable takes more than deserting him, I realise.

Mom's lesson from here is that it doesn't help to desert him for him to change his uncalled for behaviour. It takes patience and much more and Mom is still learning.

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