Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Mom had a great fall!

This was an accident I posted in my lost blog in 2008.

What was supposed to be a normal evening after dinner turned out to be a minor 'mishap'. After dinner, I took the kids for a stroll at our condo. Trying to add some fun to a dull evening, I thought of a wild idea to play hide-and-seek with Wyng. I gestured to Hoe who was behind me to hide from Wyng's sight when Wyng was a few steps ahead from us.

In another 30 seconds, we went to the original spot where we parted from Wyng. He was not there! Panic overtook me. The next thing was we heard Wyng screaming for 'Mommy!Mommy!'. Sending Hoe to one side of the condo to locate his brother, I went to the opposite end.

The clumsy side of me had almost lost her sharp senses of her surrounding. Not noticing the few flight of steps in front of me, I almost lied flat on the ground after a few balancing tripping steps forward. I landed on my stomach with my left hand stuck under a door with a rather soft metal door leaf. I felt like one of those emergencies in '911' TV programme.

Any slightest move of my hand triggered sharp pain. I yelled to Hoe which he screamed with echo telling me he's gotten Wyng and on his way. I was groaning in pain, the more I pulled my hand trying to release myself, the worse the pain got. Rescue came when a young lady passed by. She tried to help me lift the door leaf as it was locked. Realising this wouldn't actually help and with all the courage that I could gather then, I pulled my hand away from the door leaf.  I was overwhelmed that I didn't even remember whether I thanked the lady.

By then, my guys were back with me. My hand was shaking and I could feel the pain peaking in the first few seconds but slowly subsiding. Probably, it was because my guys were safe and sound beside me, other pain and discomfort didn't matter anymore so long my guys are safe with me.

I picked myself up and confessed to my guys that Mommy learnt a lesson. No more hide-and-seek next time. Only in the next hour or so did I realise the bruises that I suffered (as pictured) and I could even feel the pain on my knee and joint of both my big knuckle toes. The toes must have been hurt when I tripped on one of the steps. The knee must have suffered from the impact of falling down.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shall I stop my kid's drama class?

This November marked the third year Wyng's drama classes with Helen O' Grady.  I have a dilemma whether I should continue to let him be with this class or switch over to another one, hopefully somewhere nearer to our home.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The third pair of glasses for my kid

Possessing a terminator's abilities, it is not surprising that he broke his glasses again for the second time. As can be seen from the picture, it was obvious the screw came off causing the lense to fall off from the frame.  As though this was not 'rough' enough of him, he must have sat on the glasses causing the frame to bend in the middle. As usual, he pointed his finger to his friend.

Thankfully, he inherited two pairs of old glasses from his Qo Qo, which were still in very good condition despite being six years old.  Anyway, his Qo Qo wasn't really short-sighted, he just followed the crowd.  He hardly wore them. 

The glasses just needed a change of lenses to suit his shortsightedness and alas! they look brand new.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Starting the holidays with Kumon

The kids were full of enthusiasm when I decided to sign them up for Kumon Maths. Hoe is not new to Kumon, having attended their Maths classes for a year.  He quitted after having trouble completing his daily worksheets alongside with his school homework then.

I have decided to let Wyng try Kumon after quitting his short course in Olympiad Maths. Both were very excited when I enrolled them two weeks ago.  Yesterday was their first class in the centre.  Wow! the centre is packed with hopeful students. 

It was Hoe's idea to join Kumon this time.  Daddy has no problem 'investing' in him. He wants to occupy his time with something useful, it seems. So, Mom is okay with it as long as Daddy is not complaining about the additional commitment. Afterall, Kumon can play a role in instilling discipline and a sense of focus in this boy, not to mention helping him to excel in Maths.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What did my kid say about adults?

Last month, Wyng said something to us, to my annoyance, in the car. It was his reaction to something which his Dad didn't allow him to do.

"Adults are very good at changing subject.  They do that when they don't like to hear something they don't like."

Can I say he's wrong?

Absence from the net

2 and a half days without internet access... what an inconvenience!

Our modem got struck by lightning and thanks to a relative who helped us to instal a new one with a very very reasonable and unbeatable service charge. I hope this modem which has a warranty of 3 years can last us for a few good years without problems.  The old one was less than a year old and so we can probably claim against its warranty.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My kid was infected twice in 32 days

In September, he was down with sore throat, a cough and fever.  As expected, he was prescribed with antibiotics, cough and fever medicine. As a result, he missed school for two days.

One month and three days later, he was defeated again, this time by a different type of germs, according to the doctor.  'His throat is very red' so said the paeditrician. Still having some of the remaining fever tablets, he was prescribed with the 'must-have' antibiotics.  The doctor is right when he gave him 3 days' MC. In my mind, I was wondering whether the doctor was being too generous with giving MC. 

True enough, Wyng was really sick this time. He slept most of the time from day 2. On the first day, he was too addicted to TV that he wanted to 'nap' in front of the TV.  With my insistence, he napped for a few hours in the day time.  On day 2, he was really conked out. Feeble, he was almost bed-ridden, he didn't even ask for his favourite TV.  He could only take in less than 5 spoons of noodles in the morning and a very small portion of porridge in the evening.  I've never seen him in such condition.  Either the medicine is working in him or he just wasn't resting enough on day 1. 

Thankfully, the doctor gave him sufficient MC.  Now, I have no doubt about this paeditrician.  Wyng needed the third day away from school.  Although he's chattier, he is still not healthy to spend the whole day in school.  After 3 days of battle, he's lost so much of weight from the look of his face and tummy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to occupy the kids during the holidays?

The year-end school holidays are just around the corner.  It's good and bad news for parents.  Good news is for obvious reasons.  The bad news is the kids would be spending hours in front of the computer. School holidays are the only time they get to have long hours of computer time, so they will not forego this golden privilege.

The problem is there is only one computer at home, they will definitely be fighting to get more computer time. 'It's not fair Qo Qo can play so long', this will be a very common whining from Wyng. 

One activity I have in this adventurous mind of mine is indoor rock climbing.  I wonder whether this kind of activity is really easily accessible to novice like my kids.  Saw this place called Madmonkeyz at Wangsa Maju. 

Outbound camps will be suitable for Hoe,  he can probably join his cousins in their church camps.  Hopefully there will be one this year as they don't have it last year. There are not many holidays camps that I have come across suitable for Wyng yet.  Gotta keep surfing.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My kid's own IQ tester

He's hooked on it, no doubt, ever since his Dad bought him a book.  He will never get bored of asking us (his Qo Qo, Mom and Dad) his collection of questions.

One fine day, as usual, in the car, an IQ question popped out from him.  He caught Mom in the right mood. 

Wyng : What do you get when you cross sports with a book?
Mom :  Any clue?
Wyng : The answer is a thing. And it's 'something' book.

Mom didn't give up as easily as Wyng has thought with dozens of tries, all with a name of a sport or game plus the word 'book' after it. but none were correct.  Wyng was rather impatient that I wasn't willing to give up and I took so long to solve it. 

'Activity book' is the answer. And, after that, he told us that he created that IQ question.