Saturday, August 6, 2011

Enthusiasted about reading

"Expecto petronads"
Wyng's enthusiasm with reading annoys his brother. At eight, Wyng reads most books including Harry Potter.  He borrows these kinds of novels from his school library but each time he can only borrow for one week and he can never finish reading such thick novel in one week's time. And, the library does not allow students to borrow the same book for two weeks consecutively. What brilliant rule is that? He ended up reading part of the novel each time. 

Qo Qo says his brother reads such thick novels just to please his Mom.  But, I doubt anyone will be convinced with what he said judging by Wyng's engrossment in his reading.  Just to test if he was reading or just browsing, I asked him to tell me what he had read.  He said, "Expecto petronas". He spelt it as the petrol station 'Petronas'.  "Who said that?" Mom asked curiously. "Harry Potter la," he replied. "What does that mean?" Mom was still clueless. "It's a spell because he wants to save someone." Doubting what he said, Mom quickly did a google search. Except for the minor spelling mistake, he wasn't making it up.

True enough, this boy knows what he is reading.  He was not just browsing.

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