Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drama school for the kid

This was what we have been waiting for since last year. After so many weekends of sacrificed sleep and long distance travelling, this is it. Not to mention, the days of FUN for W.

This certificate should be good enough as a stepping stone to build his language proficiency and confidence. Despite this, we are bidding farewell to Helen O'Grady as Daddy feels that Taman Tun is too far just for a drama class.

So,Mom gotta search for a nearer place for W.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A big letdown

I bought a 1.5 recipe Indulgence birthday cake from a so-called lifestyle cafe at Ampang.

It was a big letdown that the outlet did not have the right sized box for the big cake. My husband had to wait for more than 30 mins at the outlet for the staff to 'mend' two boxes so that it could fit the big cake. Not only that, while putting the cake into the small box, the cream at the side of the cake was smeared. So,the staff had to 'fix' the cake and put cream and what not on the 'damaged' cake.

When it reached our home, the cake was 'smeared' again as we opened the box. I was so disappointed that the company with such reputation could deliver such service.

Here are pictures of the 'damaged' cake.

What a creature!

These are found on the floor next to the wall

These are 'collected' in a container under the kitchen cabinet

It seems unacceptable! It was just slightly less than a month and I get an unwelcomed visit from these intruders. (On the other hand, I wonder if we are called intruders of nature by these creatures..) They first appeared alive in a number of about more than ten at first on my kitchen table top under the cabinet. The sight intimidated me and was so disgusting. Anyhow, I learned to live with them, with less freaking, in about a day as we collected them in a container as evidence that they are still invading our residence. We cursed the pest control company for not being able to eradicate these mighty creatures before we move in. Why should we share our home with these creatures? Calling the pest control company was the next course of action. Believe me, I have a strong feeling that I would be living with these creatures for some time. They will definitely make more appearances in my life.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wyng's art piece

This post appeared on the 10th of Nov 2007 in my 'lost' blog. Here is a reposting.

'Me and my family at the Orange Garden standing. We cannot pick up the oranges as they are not ripe.'

This is the exact words said by Wyng, according to his teacher when they are asked to express by drawing anything. I haven't figured out in which occasion we actually went to an orchard or farm and wanted to pick fruits.

Or it could be Wyng and his wild imagination. Sometimes, he could be saying things beyond truth and even shocking at times such as 'Qo Qo kick mommy's spine' just because I've told my guys that I had epidural where the doctor injected into my spine before I gave birth to H. Strangers who heard of this might think what an abusive child I have.

I've learnt that kids can be very imaginative. Their minds can think of the unthinkable by adults, though unrealistic sometimes. But, it's pleasing to know that their minds can really be 'stretched'. Ever since having Wyng, once in a while I do encourage them to imagine. Afterall, 'thinking out of the box' is the in-thing and should be strongly encouraged among kids so that they have this habit in them until they reach adulthood.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

School Holidays Soon

This post appeared on the 14th of Nov 2007 in my 'lost' blog. Here is a reposting.

This week will mark the end of schooling for government schools. What does this mean to me? It's more sleeping time and less stress, of course. I can sleep for an additional one and half hours more.

What's the most heavenly is I can say goodbye (for 7 weeks, good enough) to my nightmarish nights of the weekdays. Temporarily gone will be the rush back from office, literally pouring down my dinner to my digestive system, dashing straight to the bathroom to take my 5-minute shower. My screaming for my two guys to assemble in the room for their homework will be unheard of for awhile. Tension will not be felt so much. Instead, there'll be more laughter.

Oh! I am looking forward to the school holidays as much as H. Well, my duties are not taking a break though. I have to think of productive activities to occupy my guys. I've got a few lined up for H. I need to think of a couple of activities for W to enjoy too.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Assessment report of Wyng

This post appeared in my 'lost' blog on 14 Nov 2007. I am posting this same one in this blog. Happy reading!

I met Wyng's school teacher today to collect his Progress Report. Here's extract of the report:

Personal/Social/Emotional Development

Wyng is a very affectionate and pleasant child. He's independent and always seeks friends to play with. He has excellent rapport with all the teachers and communicates easily with his peers. However, he shares his toys only when persuaded. He is a very helpful child and loves to help the teachers tidy up the toys in the classroom.

Physical Development/Music/Creativity

He is an active child and enjoys being outdoors. He is left handed and has well-developed pincer grip.

W is a very imaginative and creative child, loves to pretend play. Enjoys Arts & Craft very much and drawing too especially his daddy and mummy. He enjoys music and movement but needs to be reminded to sit down and listen at times.

Cognitive Development

He is a fast learner and able to grasp what is being taught. However,he seems to have short attention span at times. He 'dreams' while doing his paperwork and has to be reminded not to disturb other children. Able to rote count from 1-20 and he is able to write 1,2,3,4,7 and 10 confidently.

W identifies all the colours, even the lighter and darker shades. He is able to write his name confidently and can identify all of the alphabets confidently.

Language Development

He speaks simple English clearly enough to be understood and sometimes speaks in expanded sentences.

General Comments

He is a happy child, is gentle and caring. Sometimes, he gets upset seeing other children cry and would try to comfor them by giving them tissues or by just sitting next to them. He can be quite sensitive at times but feels reassured when given a hug and a cuddle by the teacher.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This post appeared on the 10th of Nov 2007 in my 'lost' blog. Here is a reposting.

We are back home from our short holiday.

W's routine need to be reset. It's the second day home, W is still catching up with his lost naps in the 3D 2N holiday. He is still not that tuned in yet to his normal routine. Hope he will be fine comes Monday when school is back to normal. H seems unchanged. Still his usual playful boy. That's him. In fact, he enjoys his activities today.

What else are there awaiting me apart from loadfuls of laundry, unpacking and unpacking, unwashed bottles and containers that need washing. Housework still exist no matter what,where and when. How I wish I have a maid! They can really lighten a lot of load. Kinder to my cracking hand.

Well, I shouldn't be complaining. If there's no work, there's no reward. Comes in a package of having a family.

Eating fruits

This post appeared in my previous 'lost' blog on 1 Nov 2007. I managed to salvage a copy and here it is.

H was not picky as W with fruits. Now, even though not very adventurous, H takes a few types of fruits such as apples (his favourite), bananas and grapes. That's about all. W sticks to apples only. He used to take bananas but recently rejects them.

This eating habit was in a way developed from young and partly my fault. When H turned 6 months, being a first-time mother and very conscious of nutrition, I fed him fruits almost on a daily basis. I even went to the extent of varying the fruits that I fed him hoping that he would be able to enjoy different vitamins and take a liking to a variety of fruits when he is older. I started off with apples (the safest to start with as the Chinese believe that other fruits such as bananas and oranges will promote formation of phlegm, watermelon is too cooling for the young). Later, papaya is introduced. Each day would be different fruits such as kiwi fruit, plum and grapes. I tried to give him orange juice and mix with water. Somehow, H didn't prefer it probably because of its sour flavour.

As for W, not many attempts were taken to feed him fruits. I only fed him apples, and even then, I only did so not until he was one plus. With H's growing demands for my attention to coach him on his studies, I had less time to care for W's nutritional needs.

As a result, W does not take much liking to fruits. And,it will depend on his mood too. H is crazier for apples.

I tried to make it up. Apples were given daily to them when W was in pre-school. I've learnt that eating habits must be developed from young. How I wish I can turn back the clock and start all over again for W? But, late is better than never. Both are still growing, and their eating habits may change over time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Detained at 7!

He is breaking a new record in the family. Not just our family but in my extended family as well.

H was detained for not completing his homework while he was in Year 3. Now, W was detained for making too much of noise in Year 1. Last Friday's detention was his third time. According to him, he was punished because he walked over to his classmate's desk to talk. And he was detained together with 9 other boys. This one seemed to shock him the most as he was in tears as soon as he got into my car. After some coaxing, he told me that the teacher almost closed the classroom door while the boys were still being made to stay in the class.

His first and subsequent detention were due to his monitor copying down his name for talking.He was whining that he was just talking 'a little' and that the monitor was too mean and strict.

Monday, June 7, 2010

What is wrong with him?

It was sometime early this year that we discovered that he has a strand of grey hair. It wasn't causing any concern as we thought that it was just that ONE and ONLY strand. We found a strand or two appearing as time goes.

Just last week, I saw about 3 or 4 strands hair with greying ends. At closer look, they are quite noticeable. The greying portions seem to grow at the ends first. W's daddy is concerned and pestered that I take him to our padietrician. Yeah, I'll definitely take him to get an expert's advice.

To jump to conclusion, thoughts such as malnutrition or abnormality crossed our mind.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A good start in Maths

He got 92.5% for his first Olympics Mathematics assessment since he joined last month.

According to him, he tops his class which has less than 10 students. Whether he is the top or not, it doesn't really matter. Getting such a good score is a very encouraging start for him.

I hope it's not a fruitless move to sign him up in this class.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tie a yellow scarf round the young meaty neck

H is so excited about this. What is it that doesn't excite him when it comes to new and fun stuff?

According to him, having a yellow scarf means something in the Scout movement. He's so proud of his small 'achievement'. And, I'm seeing myself putting in dollar after dollar each time I drop by the tailor shop to have his tags sewn onto his uniform. Well, not that I'm whining about the dollar but I wish that his energy can be diverted to his studies.

A question popped up in the family recently. Was it a right move to allow him to be in Boys Scout?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A timetable for my kid

It was a pleasant surprise that he asked, on one fine morning, that he would do 3 pages of Mathematics every day. He was about to finish his homework in the morning and the question popped out.

The next natural move for me was to suggest a timetable for him. I told him that I would draw boxes on a piece of paper for him to fill up with whatever subjects he want to do each day. I drew boxes in the format of a school's timetable on a piece of paper. School hours were blocked out. He has to fill in the hours from morning until he goes to school and at night from after dinner to before bedtime.

We came up with something, under my guidance and trying to help him to be realistic. I'm not too ambitious about this. It will be on a trial basis. What's important is he realises the need for a timetable. And, the next trying step is to get him to stick to it. This is THE challenge.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A roaring year indeed

The name speaks for that true?

Tiger, being a ferocious animal, seems to fear no predator for it preys on the weak. No words can tame it. What similarity does this have to my year?

Well, I definitely hope I can 'roar' (no matter what obstacles) through this year with a breeze. It will surely be a challenging first year for me. But, giving up is not something I should even think of.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a test

It has been quite. I've not been blogging remotely for some time. I'm back and I hope the momentum will continue.