Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aurora as companion

I have not seen such beautiful and colorful sky on a normal day.  I have learnt to appreciate clear blue sky. This scene mesmerised us.

We were having seafood dinner at Kuala Selangor.  We didn't really plan to dine here. This impromptu decision took us to the riverside for a simple dinner.

It was a blessing in disguise actually. The first restaurant we stepped into was full. Adjoining to this is another restaurant where we found a corner table just beside the river. It was unfortunate that nature is not spared by culprits who do not appreciate clear and clean river. The river was sadly polluted.  It looked dull and lifeless with barely any active marine life.

I was about to take my first spoon of rice when a pinkish background behind Daddy caught my attention. My hand phone was what I reached for to capture that rare sight (at least to me) before it faded.

"It's aurora," Wyng told me assuringly. "It's a mixture of red, pink, blue and turquoise," he added.
I feel blessed enough to be having this meal with my family, with the vast colourful sky and river (though murky) as companion.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's not sushi, it's not white chocolate or any pricey food. It takes just two pieces of nyonya kueh to satisfy my munching urge.

Savouring these in front of our 32" (yes, only 32" for the time being, the movie still is the same) TV felt like heaven.  So easy and cheap to keep this Mom contented.