Tuesday, August 2, 2011

He helped Mom saves some money!


Wyng's milk teeth seldom dropped first before his permanent teeth grow.  So far, I'd taken him twice to the dentist to have his milk teeth extracted to make way for the proper growth of his permanent teeth.  This time, as can be seen in the picture here, his two milk teeth were again extracted.  His new permanent teeth have been appearing for a good few months, yet no sign of shaking of his milk teeth.  He got them extracted in his school, for free!  What a brave deed!

So, what made him did that? One evening, he came to me and showed me his small extracted milk tooth. Excited, he told me that he courageously went to his school's dental clinic for a dental check-up (as requested by the dental nurse) and the nurse extracted his tooth.  No pain!  He was asked to visit the nurse again for the two milk teeth on the lower jaw to be extracted.

Two days later, I reminded him to go to his school's dentist. 'Go to your school dentist and save Mom at least RM70, ok?'  Not too much? It's about USD24...

Taa..daa.... he came back, proudly showing me his new set of teeth minus two stubborn milk teeth, much to the pleasure of Mom.

I didn't learn this lesson until last year.  We can save some money from going to the dentist if we visit the government dentist. Better still, the clinic is just in the school which makes it so much more convenient.

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