Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tie a yellow scarf round the young meaty neck

H is so excited about this. What is it that doesn't excite him when it comes to new and fun stuff?

According to him, having a yellow scarf means something in the Scout movement. He's so proud of his small 'achievement'. And, I'm seeing myself putting in dollar after dollar each time I drop by the tailor shop to have his tags sewn onto his uniform. Well, not that I'm whining about the dollar but I wish that his energy can be diverted to his studies.

A question popped up in the family recently. Was it a right move to allow him to be in Boys Scout?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A timetable for my kid

It was a pleasant surprise that he asked, on one fine morning, that he would do 3 pages of Mathematics every day. He was about to finish his homework in the morning and the question popped out.

The next natural move for me was to suggest a timetable for him. I told him that I would draw boxes on a piece of paper for him to fill up with whatever subjects he want to do each day. I drew boxes in the format of a school's timetable on a piece of paper. School hours were blocked out. He has to fill in the hours from morning until he goes to school and at night from after dinner to before bedtime.

We came up with something, under my guidance and trying to help him to be realistic. I'm not too ambitious about this. It will be on a trial basis. What's important is he realises the need for a timetable. And, the next trying step is to get him to stick to it. This is THE challenge.