Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is this disrespect?

This post appeared on 19 April 2009 in my lost blog. Here is a reposting.

Hoe related to me an incident in school. Well, he didn't actually volunteer the information to me. We were talking about a particular subject and he came to the part of how he got lectured lengthily by his English teacher for his discipline problem of which Hoe already received his punishment earlier. As to why was the English teacher so concerned and spent so much time reprimanding students in an area where the teacher has no control of or something not within his jurisdiction? Only the teacher would know of his own agenda. Why would he want to waste time harping on the issue instead of teaching the students?

Anyway, back to Hoe. He told me that he really couldn't stand his English teacher's long nagging that he raised his hand and said,'Teacher, we got your point already.' This bold statement received a fierce stare from his teacher (he was lucky that he didn't get any physical reprimand!) but effectively terminated his sermon.

After a while, Hoe was signalled to see the English teacher at his desk in the classroom. Hoe was asked the occupation of both his parents. I hope this interrogation would be the end of this episode.

Hoe's rationale for vocalising those bold statements to his English teacher was that he was already punished by the discipline teacher although he was not the culprit. He was unlucky that he was locked in the toilet (along with his two other friends) cubicle and was frantically banging the door when he was spotted by the discipline teacher who happened to pass by. Banging on the toilet door was seen as creating havoc. Hoe couldn't prove much to defend himself as the culprit had already gotten off scot-free. Talking about justice!

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