Saturday, January 5, 2013

Water woes change our life

I've been poorer than now but I have never, ever needed to wash my dishes outside my house, at the car porch. Can you believe this? Squatting down at the car porch to wash dishes.

This was just one of the inconveniences we experience during this water crisis which affects Ampang and Cheras residents, to the hundreds of thousands.  I consider myself lucky as we still have water supply at the main pipe but not in the house as the water pressure is too low to be pumped into the water taps.

My sympathy goes to those people who are plagued with dry taps and have to endure days of 'filth', discomfort and inconveniences.

We were told that the water shortage will last til Chinese New Year.  So, when is the authorities and government doing something to ease the 'rakyat's' sufferings?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Celebrating New Year with Grandma

Mom with the guys
This year, we counted down at a restaurant a stone's throw away from our home. All of a sudden, that place was abuzz with tables of people waiting to count down to a new year.

We were no different, we just wanted to join in the crowd. My mom, as enthusiastic as the kids, joined in too.  When it was 10 seconds before the clock struck 12, she even walked closer to the spot to catch a closer look at the fireworks.

As for me, as usual, always preferring to be at my familiar and comfortable spot, waited at the table for Daddy, the kids and Mom to come back to the table after the fireworks.