Saturday, July 16, 2011

My kid did it again!

Just when I thought I had barred all access and he has no chance to gain 'illegal' access without my permission, Hoe hacked my computer and created an account for himself, again! This time he did it in another older PC of ours. He got away for a while with his initial antic, I didn't know how many days of freedom he enjoyed the first time.

I believed I caught him quite early this time as I noticed from his Facebook posting which was a very recent one. It was posted at an unearthly time which aroused my suspicion as to how and where did he get access to internet.

Predictably, I saved my breath this time of reprimanding him. Action definitely IS louder. I hesitated no more and deleted the account, right on the spot.

Lesson to learn from him is he will NEVER give up when it comes opportunity to indulge in his first love.

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