Monday, February 6, 2012

Why we shouldn't trust the nanny?

Hoe with his Frankenstein-like forehead, after the rubbing
This was what I got when I entrusted Hoe, my only son then, with his nanny.

It all started with a mistake Mom made.  In the midst of busy house chores and wanting to place Hoe at a safe place while Mom was busy, Hoe was placed in his crib.  Nothing was wrong except that Mom had also erroneously placed an adult-sized pillow in the crib.  Just like any normal child, Hoe curiously stood on the pillow (which was placed by the side of the crib), raising him a little higher in the crib.  Not long later, Hoe was found crying on the floor.  After some self-blaming and coaxing Hoe, Mom carried on with her work. Nothing very serious except for the slight bulge (thank Goodness! falling from that height didn't seem to leave very serious impact) on Hoe's forehead.

A couple of days later, Hoe was playing and somehow the mischievious him stepped into a plastic box big just big enough to seat him.  Just as he was standing up,trying to step out of the box, he tripped and fell flat on his face.  The impact was the greatest on his already bulging forehead.  His forehead ended up slightly more swollen by then.

Anyway, he was sent to the nanny's house as usual in the morning. Nanny was told not to rub his forehead.  The shock came when I went to pick Hoe up after work.  Who or What greeted me was not Hoe! It was little Frankenstein ! Just look at the picture above.

Overwhelmed with Hoe's pathetic condition, I didn't expect any further explanation from the nanny.  She had already been written off from my mind at that moment. I would never send Hoe back to her.

What followed was visits to specialists.  Hoe's regular pediatrician who advised us to take Hoe for a MRI scan. Hoe was taken for an MRI scan at a medical centre in Malacca.  Thank Goodness! We were relieved to know that there was no internal bleeding.  The bulge would take a few weeks, a month to two to subside.

Hoe had a tough time coping with his 'new' forehead.  He was grouchy most of the time, easily irritable and would cling to Mom for no reason.  Uncomfortable with his condition, he turned into a 'sad' toddler.  There was no smiles on his face, even TV didn't seem to attract him.  After about a month, the size of his forehead started to return to normal.  Hoe was his old self, happy and adorable child.

I never took him back to his nanny.  I sacked her.  The reason was obvious.

Lesson from the kid:  Never, ever leave your sick child with his nanny unless you have no choice.   They may mean good but a sick child under his mother's loving care is always better than being cared for by uneducated and those with a lackadaisical attitude.  This was what happened to me. The nanny actually meant good. She wanted to reduce the swelling but used the wrong method.  Instead of rubbing with ointment, she should have used ice.  And, she didn't even want to notice the dramatic change in Hoe so as I would not make a fuss or condemn her.

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