Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stop disturbing the insect

Wyng, still in his uniform after school, intrigued by the insect
Wyng always can't resist leaving those insects alone.  He'll be preocuppied with them for a while most of the time.

Here, before he even stepped into the house, he was already trying to get the grasshopper away from the bamboo plant.  He used the water spray to shoo it away.  

The next day, the grasshopper ended up in my toilet.  Well, I wonder if this was the same one which Wyng harassed the day before.  

He got a warning from Mommy not to disturb any creature and let them stay in their habitat peacefully.  Dig me, Wyng!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mom chose Thai food at Flying Chillies

To celebrate Mom's birthday, this time Thai food was the choice.  Mindful that we had to order some food which suit the kids especially Wyng, we ended with quite a tableful.  Two dishes to satisfy Wyng, pandan chicken and the fish cake, but he only took the Pandan chicken and scrambled egg (not pictured).

After this sour and spicy Thai meal, Daddy and Mom sort of decided we won't be having tomyam soup for our meals anymore. It's too sour for our stomach to take. Moreover, with the serving here, we practically got drowned with the soup.  Hoe, for one, couldn't take too much, just about half a bowl.

The restaurant was at Mid-Valley's Flying Chillies.  Our rating for the food is probably 6 out of 10. Service is so-so only.  No major complaints about them, not that efficient, as usual, what do you expect of Malaysian customer service?

A must-have Thai dish as appetizer, mango kerabu

Spicy and sour, tom yam seafood soup
Pandan chicken, always the smallest portion, was walloped in no time.
The family's favourite, pandan chicken

Fish cake, kind of  a 'let-down'

Sweet and sour fish
If only we could have a bigger and meatier fish.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Japanese food, again

I know it's so untimely to post something about Father's Day. I missed posting this last time, so this is to make up for it and also to share the photos with visitors.  This time, we had our Japanese savouring at a sort of high-end Japanese restaurant, Kiku-Zakura.  It's was my suggestion. Ouch... so painful on my pocket.  I regretted the decision, not because of the food but the price tag.

Daddy's the king for the day, so naturally, he picked his favourite and pricey one from the menu.
The most expensive menu on the table, Bento, Daddy's favourite

Hoe can't resist rice and he picked this curry chicken rice
Hoe's curry chicken choice
 As allllllways, Mom chose Teriyaki Chicken rice.
Mom's choice of Teriyaki Chicken rice
 Since Mom was footing the bill, she had another side order to satisfy her 'tuna' pangs, Tuna Californian roll.

Not something that could satisfy Wyng's appetite, he shared Mom's Teriyaki chicken rice as well.
Wyng's 'nugget' dish

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to change the administrator's password?

Hoe told me excitedly he has learnt how to change my desktop's log-in password without having to log in.  In disbelief and scepticism, I asked him to show to me right away on the desktop.

Sure enough, he demonstrated to me how he did it before the log-in screen comes.  It was done while the PC was in the booting stage, in the operating system booting.  Not really certain how and where he learnt it although he said he learnt it through one of his IT lessons at school, I cautioned him not to attempt to try this anymore. Even if he has done it, his act will soon be discovered as changing the password means the administrator will notice once she logs in.

Although I didn't react very well to this discovery, this guy has some kind of intelligence if he really wants something.  He can think of ways to get round something.  Sigh...if only he could put this intelligence of his on something more useful. I'm talking about his academics, of course. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What kids do nowadays

Three kids in a family. An iPad each!
So, this is the common scene now at public places.  At almost every single table in WIFI eateries, you can see the indispensable smart machines, either a smart phone, a tablet or an I-pad.

Three kids in the family, father and mother.  4 I-pads, at the table! And another smart phone. The equation is perfect. 5 in the family with 5 intelligent machines. Except for their maid who was free, the entire family was busy. Not talking, mind you but touching away and pressing, their I-gadgets.

Only the table on both sides of this table (including our table) were aware of their obsession.  We couldn't help but gazed at them a few times whilst savouring our dinner. Well, the parents were least disturbed by their kids' behaviour at the table.   The other table was occupied by an elderly couple who seemed clueless with why the kids were so engrossed in the square machines.

As for me, I was bold enough to snap their pictures for me to post in this blog.

Not wanting to be a sour grape, I'm glad I don't own an iPad or iPhone though my kids are crazy about them.  Whenever we frequent shopping malls, the first place they head for is any IT shop which sells Apple products. And they will be stuck there for a while until Mom and Dad come shooing them out of the store.  That's all the iPadding they can enjoy.  No complaints at all about this! In fact, I'm glad they are iPad free, at least at home.

Wyng and his drawing book

After dinner, Wyng was allowed to play at one of the stores
Whilst the kids beside us were iPadding away, Wyng was busy reading the words on the disposable paper table liner in front of him.  The history of some Thai Gods were depicted on the paper liner. Before dinner was served, he was engrossed in drawing his pictures.  Yeah, he brought his drawing book along that night.

We shared thoughts about those things written apart from commenting about the other customers in the restaurants whose hands were also occupied with their intelligent machines. It was an observation started by Wyng and Hoe as they scanned the entire restaurant and deduced the preoccupation of people with iPads or smart phones.  I was speechless!

Why have a date in a restaurant when they could just iPad at home?  Mothers are supposed to be communicating with their kids to share their thoughts and not allow them to get unnecessarily attached to these machines.  Such is the sorry state of family communication.  Who's at fault? But, does anyone care or realise the damage it is causing in the first place?

Mothers especially, it's time to weigh what's best for your kids! A lot of lessons can be learnt in raising kids in this new but challenging era.

Friday, September 7, 2012

What does their grandma do?

What their grandma does:
a. washes her grandkids' school shoes, school uniform, lunch containers and tumblers
b. buys fresh fish from the market for me to cook for the kids
c. alerts me if I should send or pick the kids on time for tuition
d. smuggling Wyng's favourite candies into the house (knowing fully well that Mom doesn't approve to this)
e. cooking my kids' favourite dish
f. wakes the kids up in the morning
g. buys dumplings or biscuits from the wet market for the kids as breakfast

Her enthusiasm to attend concerts or performances put up by her grandkids is comparable to that of mothers of the kids.  And over the years, she has the opportunity to see so many performances. So blessed is her!

Except for task (a) which I don't do due to my eczematic skin condition, Mom is not shrugging her responsibilities. She never fails in her parental role. Just that Grandma dotes on her grandkids too much that she does more than required of her.  She also worries about them just like how Mom does. In fact, she is a worrier, now I know who I take after!  Perhaps, this trait of hers explains her wizened appearance but mind you, she's a bull when it comes to accomplishing home chores.

Grandma's birthday two years ago
On top of the above, grandma does break some rules. She keeps mum when Wyng doesn't finish his plate of meals.  Worse still, she collaborated with Hoe and hid from me the fact that he was playing computer games on unearthly hours of the day.

So, I'm not surprised that the kids miss their Grandma when she doesn't spend the nights at our home.  Hoe once said,'You must live long, Ah Poh!'

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gone for good

KW, my nephew, has gone to serve as a missionary for the LDS church for 2 years.  Being the second male grandson in my maternal family, it's not surprising that he's being doted on by his aunties. Hence, all of us, aunties, willingly sacrificed our time to send our beloved nephew off at the airport on National Day.  Lucky him, his departure was earlier scheduled on the eve of National Day which would mean only his parents were able to see him off.

We expect flood to occur. And true enough, Grandma couldn't control her tears as soon as seeing one of her most loved grandsons.  And we still had another two hours more before his departure.

Photo session with the 'star' of the morning....
Yee Mah posing for the camera while Grandma just couldn't hold her tears 

Snapping a picture with cousins

This family picture was also taken using a Polaroid which KW took with him to the mission

My nephew, having the 'last' McD meal with his family, an hour before departure
While his Mom (on the left) was busy jotting down some last-minute reminder notes for him, here's KW, still  so cheery for the camera

We blamed our Mom for triggering our emotional button.  Deep inside our heart, we couldn't bear to see our nephew leaving us for 2 years. Everyone was so emotional and teary at the departure gate when KW gave us, one by one, his last hugs.  My sister, KW's mom held back her tears so that her son could leave without any hesitation.  But tears flowed from her eyes as soon as KW left.

Goodbye! We shall miss you!
Two years is not too long but not short. Knowing that he will be doing something for a good cause and that he will be coming home as a finer young man receives blessings and support from his family and relatives.