Friday, December 9, 2011

What's that black and yellow thing?

Here is something Wyng asked from his favourite joke book.

Wyng : What's black and yellow and buzzes at 35,000 feet?

Answer : A bee in an aeroplane.

There are dozens more jokes that Wyng had memorized from this book.  It has gone to a point when he was reading it day and night.  This obsession will take a while to subside.  After reading (and memorizing) the jokes, he will excitingly test if those jokes are really funny by asking his Daddy, Qo Qo and poor Mom.  Some jokes are quite ok and acceptably funny when we can't answer them.  Some are beyond our imagination.

Whatever they are, one needs to be in good mood to listen to Wyng patiently tell his jokes or ask a joke question.

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