Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A bowling game for the family

I've never even played so many games of bowling when I was young. All four of us played 3 games. It was the Christmas and the year-end school holidays last year, I actually asked Daddy to take a few days off. The kids have been wanting to go for a bowling game since their first game in the previous term break.

We had quite a good game. Hoe and Mom took turns to lead, except Daddy, of course. He topped each game, of course la, I think he used to be a top player among his friends in his younger days. I never like bowling. It was like rolling coins into the drain. Well, it was like that for us if not for the rail on both sides of the lane which was for kids' training. Having the rail is bad and good for bowlers. Hoe and I didn't like it but at times when we really lost badly, we hoped that we didn't remove the rail as it really helps to push the ball back to the centre to hit the pins.

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