Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cooking a simple chicken dish for the kids

Chicken thigh boiled in soya sauce

Simple and healthy chicken recipe for the kid
Cooking for the kids has always been quite a challenge for me.  Working from home is not a breeze especially if I prefer that the kids have nutritious and healthy meals.  Apart from variety and nutrition, I look for simple dishes to cook for them.  Here, I have just learnt preparing a very simple meal from my Mom.  This dish is also one of my favourite dishes.

It just struck me one day that I should learn this simple dish from my Mom since she mentioned before that I can cook it myself when I am not tied up with work.  Voila! I tried and cooked up this dish successfully in my first attempt.  The flavour was exactly the same as how my Mom cooks it.

Wyng loves chicken.  He even thought that this particular dish was cooked by Grandma.  It's really very simple.  First, fry some garlic in a pot.  Then, add the chicken into the pot, simmer for just a while and soya sauce will be added.  It depends on how much of soya sauce you need but remember to add some water as it will be very salty.  Add a little bit of sugar, if you like.  Boil for about 20 minutes (depending on how much of chicken).  I always make sure I test the meat (by cutting the chicken with a knife) before making sure they are thoroughly cooked.

Lesson from this is 'When there is a will, there is a way'.  Cooking a meal is not so tough afterall.

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