Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why does a kid behave like that?

He has such laid-back attitude. After coming back from school and his shower, he will have his lunch. Predictably, switching on the television is the next thing he will do. He doesn't even touch his schoolbag.
'Exam is just over' was his response when I asked him to revise. Surprisingly, there is no homework too. Was it a lie or an excuse to defer doing his homework? When even television is disallowed, he will hit the sack for his afternoon nap.

The scenario is typical if this guy has no homework (as claimed by him) and will last at least a week or two right after his exam.

How much influence does a mother has on her kid's behaviour or attitude? Hasn't diligence always been inculcated since young? At their teenage now and the most rebellious stage of their life, are parents to be blamed if they fare badly in exam or 'misbehave'?

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