Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Detained at 7!

He is breaking a new record in the family. Not just our family but in my extended family as well.

H was detained for not completing his homework while he was in Year 3. Now, W was detained for making too much of noise in Year 1. Last Friday's detention was his third time. According to him, he was punished because he walked over to his classmate's desk to talk. And he was detained together with 9 other boys. This one seemed to shock him the most as he was in tears as soon as he got into my car. After some coaxing, he told me that the teacher almost closed the classroom door while the boys were still being made to stay in the class.

His first and subsequent detention were due to his monitor copying down his name for talking.He was whining that he was just talking 'a little' and that the monitor was too mean and strict.

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