Saturday, July 9, 2011

He created a new user account

My new desktop PC's CPU doesn't indicate if the power is still on after some time of inactivity unlike my old one where there will be a light indicator if the desktop is still on. What I have to do each time is to press the ON/OFF button and if the desktop is still on (but on sleep mode), I need not log in again.

Because of this, at times (quite a number of times already) I have left the PC inactive,sometimes overnight, without shutting it down. Now, Hoe has discovered this 'wonderful' feature and he makes full use of this to his advantage, of course! He has secretly created a new user account to access the PC. Yes! the computer is only accessible to Daddy and Mummy WITH password. Each time if he wants to use the PC, I will log on to enable access to it. With the new account that he has created, he can liberally use it until I discover it that day. I was almost in for a shock when I saw an additional account, 'Guest account'. Needless to say, Hoe's 'brilliant' deed popped into my mind.

The consequence? An earful from me and immediate deletion of the account.

Lesson to learn here is I have to be sharper and smarter than my kids.

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