Thursday, July 21, 2011

Farewell to these creatures

He is not someone trying to loot something from my cabinet. He is a technician from Rentokil removing the baits (two boxes of baits were placed in my kitchen, one of them is on the left of the technician here) which had been placed in my kitchen to get rid of the termites.

After a series of visits and baiting these creatures which had invaded my house, my house is considered safe (temporarily) from these creatures and the baits could be removed safely. Over the past few months, the termites had been fed with baits containing odorless poison which is supposed to poison the entire colony. The soldier termites were the ones responsible to bring the so-called the bait (ie food made of fine and soft pieces of cotton-like paper smeared with poison) to the queen in their nest.

They are supposed to have been killed after a few rounds of topping up of baits. So, for the time being my woes are gone. They may be attacking again, nobody can tell, not even Rentokil.

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