Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Handling kids' questions

In the car while driving ferrying Wyng to school, a question which I thought easy enough for Mom to handle, popped out.

Kid : What's the meaning of insult?
Mom replied : 'Insult' means talk bad about someone to show that he is not as good.
Kid : Like this ah..

I thought the questioning would end there. But, listen up, Mom.
Kid : Then, what is a polite way to tell someone that he is not good?

To this question, Mom was a little stunned and paused like for a good 30 seconds.
Mom : Errr.. maybe a comment first.
Before I even finished the sentence, another question came quickly from him.
Kid : What's the meaning of 'talking behind people's back'?
This is an easy question for Mom.

Mom : It means talking bad about someone when he is not around. Just like how you always complain about Qo Qo (his brother) when he is not around.

No more questions from him after that. Phew....Mom managed to handle all her kid's questions.

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