Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Thank you' for not using plastic bags

This was posted in May 2009 in my infected blog. Here is a reposting.

I have been accumulating so many medium-sized plastic bags. How not to when I am now (in just two months) frequenting the notorious pungent slimy wet market more often than I've ever done in a few years? Most of the time I end up being straddled with bags. Even W commented that I'm like 'Ah Poh' ie grandma now.

These plastic bags are not as functional as those bigger ones which could easily used as garbage bags. So, I end up having so many of them still filling my plastic bags box.

To play a small part to help the environment, I've actually rejected plastic bags a few times when I did my marketing. It was pleasurable to know that the sellers are appreciative when I reject their plastic bags. I got a few 'thank yous' from them.

Next step is to adapt to using recyclable shopping bag and make do with NO plastic bags.

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