Saturday, July 30, 2011

A mom's birthday wishes

Yes, I said 'wishes', greedy Mom. But, afterall, it's only once a year.

I wish the day to be housechores-free
I wish the day to start with a glee
I wish to watch TV all day minus the worries about responsibilities
I wish to munch all day minus the calories
I wish to shop with limitless budget
I wish to receive even a floweret
I wish to have a relaxing spa
and, at the kopitiam, I 'yumcha'
while being oblivious to duties awaiting
and to precious time ticking
I wish there be no frowning and yelling
to the kids of their room tidying
I wish the kids could obey
and not go astray
I wish they need no reminding
when their homework and responsibilities are piling
But what will life be
for me as a mom if life is stress-free

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