Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scratched in school

Ouch!! It hurts, Mom
His 'injuries' in school are not only confined to his limbs.  His face was not spared.  Here, he came back home with a scar on his face made by a pencil, much to the amazement of Mom. How could he have scratched his own face with a pencil? No result even after interrogation.

His compassionate teacher not only did not reprimand him, she took him to the office to have some ointment applied for fear of infection.  She felt pitiful for him and asked if it hurt.

Mom was so worried that this kind of accident might happen again (God knows how it happened!) that he was bombarded with a lecture on the damage of lead in his body and that he might have a permanent scar on his face if he is not careful.

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