Friday, June 28, 2013

Cleaning woes are gone

Phew! My saviour has finally emerged. A short and plump lady but with seemingly strong hands from Indonesia.

With her around, my stress has been greatly reduced. Looking at the toilet, cooker hood which by now is coated with a stubborn layer of grease and the unironed clothes does not give me headache anymore.

Our house is sparkling clean and spotless at most corners which used to be covered with dust.  Gone were the browned corners of toilet tiles, the brown rings in the toilet bowls, greasy cooker hood and stained basins, dusty shelves, windows and grills.  No more complaints except that to fork out some money to enjoy a stress-free life.  The money is worth the stressless moments considering that I only see her twice a week, the most.  It's not the same having a stranger at home.

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