Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Do you still celebrate wedding anniversary?

Yes, we do. There are no romantic candle light dinner or roses as surprise gifts. We are contented with a meal celebration with the kids.

This year is unusual because Daddy had forgotten about this important day until Mom sms-ed him the day after the anniversary. Mom remembered on the important day itself but only at 8pm. Since it was a Tuesday and Daddy was working then, he suggested to have the late celebration on Saturday.

Each time whenever there is such celebration, the kids are the happiest. We ended up at a Japanese restaurant again.  We never get bored of dining at such restaurant, by the way. Mom does't really mind as long as the food is cooked! They are oriental anyway, Mom's favourite. Western is out! Mom doesn't have much liking to steaks, salad and its sauces and cheesy stuff.

We've never eaten at Sakae Sushi before. Last Saturday's was our first.  Strangely, we find the food not as good as Sushi King although Sakae Sushi originates from Japan which is supposed to be better.  What we like best is the 'self-service' ordering system where we picked our choices at a monitor screen at our table. The con about this system is the kids tend to order whatever they want conveniently without parent's approval as the monitor is just at the table, next to the water dispenser. The food is also served reasonably fast.

'Rong' (on the background), Wyng's Chinese name, the name of the Japanese restaurant
Self-service refill of water at each table, cool

Good for Hoe, he served our drink for us. This will make him 'contribute' his part for this meal.  Wyng, as usual, was so intrigued by the plates of sushi on the conveyor belt which is just right beside him.  He couldn't resist opening some of the covers of the sushis and at times, he mischieviously blocked the movement of the belt that he got a stern look from the chef working in the kitchen, just beside the belt.
'Bird-like' sushi ordered by Hoe

Sushi rice maker, discovered by Wyng
It was Wyng who pointed to us about this sushi maker in the kitchen.  Our table was just in front of the kitchen, next to the conveyor belt, as pictured here.  He was so excited each time blocks of rice dropped from the machine.  It was also an eye-opener for us.  We've never seen sushi being made by machine.

Curry Katsu Don for Hoe at RM15.90
This curry chicken rice which Hoe said was similar to the dish he had cooked before.

Soft crab sushi shared between Mom and Dad

Mom's Gyu Kinoko Don (beef) at RM15.90
Mom's rice tasted quite good although the presentation didn't impress us.
Sashimi, 5 pieces of them, at RM9.90
Emmm.. fresh and delicious.  Hoe and Daddy savoured their favourite salmon where Mom just observed.

Overall, Sakae's food lacks presentation, something we were surprised of.  The taste is reasonably good, so is the service.  However, we find that the variety of sushi on the belt cannot beat Sushi King.  At Sushi King, we were so enticed by some of the sushi that we couldn't resist and just picked them from the belt.  It's not the same here at Sakae.  We looked at the sushi, wondered what they were, put them back and didn't bother to try them.

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