Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When your kids are growing faster than you think

It is when:

1)He is wearing adult-sized clothes. My kid is wearing pants size 31 at the age 14+ (14 years and 4 months to be exact).  Hoe is not fat but he is just 'thick' and fleshy.  His limbs are heavy with lots of flesh.  The same goes for his slightly bulging tummy which he is trying to keep it flatten.

2)You keep buying shoes for them. Wyng outgrows his shoes much faster than Mom realises.  Kids' size shoes don't fit him anymore. He may probably be able to wear the maximum kids' size for just a few more months.  He is now wearing the smallest adult size I can find in the market.

Hoe doesn't fit his old sneakers and old school shoes anymore.  Mom doesn't realise this until the day when he was having problem choosing an old pair of sneakers for the Qing Ming festival.  None of the old shoes and sneakers fit him except for the pair he currently wears for his sports activities.  So, all those unfit shoes have to be cleared from the shoe rack.

3)  Your kid chooses his own clothes.  Hoe, in his teen, begins to demand for t-shirt of his liking.  He prefers t-shirt with humorous wordings.  Gone were the days when Mom just buys whatever she likes without even checking with Hoe.  Now, Mom has to make sure whatever she shops for her teen kid will be liked by him.  Jerseys, especially those with football club embroidered on them, are his favourite.

4) Your kid would not abide to your authoritarian commands.  Hoe, in his rebellious teen era, never fails to raise questions whenever an instruction or strict command is given. No longer will he do exactly as Mom says.     How I wish he could be more obedient? Sigh...Sad to say,up to this point, Mom has to admit that she has yet to find the best way to handle this defiant child.  I just can't help but sum up that teenage drives me up the wall.

5) Your kid, like most kids of this modern era, loves the loud, rapping music blaring from the radio.  He loves Hitz FM, much to the dislike of Mom who normally tunes in to Light & Easy in the car.  If he has his own choice, he will play all the latest noisy songs.

The lesson is for Mom is to catch up with these growing kids, if not faster than them or else you will be out of their world.  Realising these also mean that age is slowly but certainly creeping closer to us.

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