Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do you feel guilty if you don't cook for your kids?

I do, especially when the reason for not cooking is not due to my busy schedule.  I only cook lunch for my kids as dinner is taken care of by my Mom.  She's already going to be in her 80's but she insists on fulfilling this noble duty of providing food for her grandchildren, my children, while she is still able.

In order not to feel guilty, I cook for them, even just a simple fried egg meal.  It's is still a home-cooked meal, much better compared to those MSG-laden food.  After each round of cooking, I feel great that I have once again, fulfilled my role as a mother.  What is my role, as a mother, if I don't cook when I can? With my flexible schedule, it would be lame to say 'not having time' as the reason for not cooking.

My satisfaction is even higher if I can cook up my own recipe for the kids.  Nothing is more fulfilling when the kids give me a thumbs up for a yummy meal.  That makes my day and motivates me to be more creative in terms of cooking up some new recipes for them.  It's all about passion, not so much of experience.  Cooking for a picky kid like Wyng is a challenge.  If and when he likes and finishes Mom's food real fast, it's worth the time spent in the kitchen, Mom deduces.  Mom cannot afford to be lazy since Wyng is still in his active growing stage.

Despite sticking to my obligation, I allow myself to take time off from cooking only one day on weekdays and during weekends.  My Saturday is packed from 10am to 5pm, so cooking if definitely not possible.  As for Sundays when we go out most of the time, if I ever cook, it will be just simple snacks since we normally have late breakfast.

Lesson learned from cooking for my kids: At the end of the day, the feeling of having done my part as a nutrition provider surpasses everything else.  I will feel bad not cooking when I can.  No other feelings is worse than this.  At least I can tell my kids in future when they've grown up, "I am a good mother who cooked for you."

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