Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do you want to grow up younger like Benjamin Button?

This posting was posted on my old lost blog on 25 April 2009. 

Most of us wish that we could grow younger as we age. I thought so too but after watching this award winning Benjamin Button movie, I've changed my mind.

Who would want to spend the last moments of their life being cuddled in the arm by your loved ones? And worse still, you have your last few words which could not be spoken or rather understood by your loved ones.

Who would want to be your kids or grandkids' playmates when you are supposed to be nurturing and caring for them?

Who want to be mothered or fathered by your spouse as you grow old?

You should watch this movie to get the answers. For those who might not know, this movie won awards for the best visual effect and best makeup. What I like about this movie is the transformation from young to old, not just cosmetically but also physically.

Oh yes! Brad Pitt is such a hunk. 

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