Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is your kid meticulous?

Always very enthusiastic when it comes to new technical and hands-on venture at home, Wyng voluntarily helped Daddy to assemble the new armchair.

"Wait, must count first," he stopped Daddy, who was pleasantly taken aback by his thoroughness, from beginning the assembly before counting the number of screws, nuts and bolts to make sure they are in the quantity as written on the instruction guide.

Watching him counting them painstakingly, Daddy waited patiently for him to complete the audit.

"Yeah, correct," Wyng confirmed.  He was worried that the number of nuts and bolts are incorrect and that they couldn't assemble the chair.
Counting to make sure they are correct
He carefully referred to the instruction guide for each part assembly.  Except for his lack of strength in locking the parts, he did a fairly good job as an assistant.

Assembly in progress
He is meticulous when it comes to such task but rather hopeless when it comes to his school matters.  He tends to forget what page of homework to do, which book to bring or what exactly were the instructions given by the teachers.

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