Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is your kid desperate for computer?

Mine is. After numerous attempts to hack the computer successfully and later being discovered, Mom has learnt her lesson and has ever since been wiser and more vigilant.  Once bitten (definitely more than once) twice shy,  Mom has not forgotten to log off now whenever Hoe is expected to be lurking waiting for any opportunity for Mom's mind to fail or slack.

One evening, Hoe was found busy in the study room, attempting to revive the dinosaur laptop of ours.  This ambitious attempt was aborted  by Mom, of course.  He said if the dinosaur can still work, it will be HIS. Wait a minute. Who has given him the green light to possess the laptop even though its functionality is still uncertain?  He was reprimanded for making that assumption.  What if it works? I do not know how far was his patience taking him to try to boot the laptop. All I know was he didn't manage to go further from there.  The laptop remains on the shelf, collecting dust.

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