Monday, April 30, 2012

How do your kids use their savings?

This rebellious teen gives me surprises almost every day.

Something wasn't very right when Wyng was in his Qo Qo's room without being chased away by Hoe. This is quite unusual for these two brothers.  Sensing something was cooking, I walked to where Wyng was standing, which was near Hoe's bedside table.  Lo and behold! I saw a a new red box of gadget on the table.  Hoe must be showing off his new stuff to his little brother when I spotted both of them acting suspiciously.

As I opened it, I interrogated Hoe how he got that set of headphones.  Spilling the beans, he told me he bought it with his savings at one of the shops in town near his school.  Apparently, he went to the shop with his friend.  I over-reacted and jumped to the fact that he was having so much of savings to spend on that gadget when he kept asking me to give him money to top-up his prepaid phone.  And, he did it secretly without Mom's knowledge.  His reasoning is that he uses his own savings for the stuff he wants, what's wrong with that?

After a few hours, Mom gained her composure and convinced herself that saving to get something is not really wrong afterall. The question is whether the purchase is something useful or not. Would teens care whether the things they yearn for is useful or not? I doubt so, especially my kid.  As long as his lust is satisfied, he is fine regardless of the means of getting it.  As for doing it behind my back, he knows very well that Mom is not going to succumb to his desire by buying him the headphone, why bother to ask me?

To prevent another 'blood-boiling', take a deep breath first, assess the situation, then decide whether to 'shoot' or not.

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