Saturday, March 31, 2012

I forgot my kid is lactose intolerant

I forgot he is lactose intolerant until he came back one afternoon and told me he had diarrhea at school.  And because of this, he missed copying down the lesson written on the board.

It was then only I remember that he has been lactose intolerant since a baby.  His condition is not so serious that he could only take soya milk. He can still take cow's milk provided it is of premium brand.  After checking with his nanny (who happened to be my sister), I discovered that every other day he would be passing watery stools. Whilst under my care on weekends and nightime, I noticed the texture of his stools. I could then confirm that he is mildly intolerant. In order not to spend so much on premium milk, I opted to mix normal milk with premium branded milk.

To save the hassle of the milk preparer, I even mixed the milk ready and have it stored in milk dispenser for the nanny.  And, I have been doing that until he was in Primary 1.  After Primary 1, his consumption of milk powder lessened.  He drinks fresh milk at times of which he does not complain.  However, I noticed he purged after a few days of consecutive consumption of 'normal' milk powder or fresh milk.

Not wanting to stop his milk intake, I am forced to buy a tin of Pediasure. Mind you, a 400g tin now costs RM35 (about USD11).  For two teaspoons of Pediasure, I added another teaspoon of normal milk to his Milo drink in the morning.  There was no complaint after two days.  Come the third day, he came back and complained, 'Mommy, I don't want milk anymore.'  Mom was perplexed with his condition.  I may have to space off his milk consumption. Instead of daily, he may have to just take milk the most for two days, have a gap of a day or two and later resume.

Introducing soy milk or other kinds of milk may just puts him off.  Already a picky eater, the last I want is for him to detest milk.

Lesson from this is for Mom never to lose track of the kids' eating habit or 'disorder'. It may just really cost them serious consequences.

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