Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is the kid too young to explain science?

Wyng and I were watching astro's tutor channel yesterday.  I chose to watch UPSR's BM for a while when he pleaded to me that he wanted to watch the SPM channel where a tutorial on Science was on.  Not wanting to pour cold water when he is an eager beaver to learn something educational, I gave in to his pleading.

One of the questions asked in this quiz segment is on variation.  He got the answer correct. Well, probably it was just a wild guess or he may have seen this programme before and could remember the answer.  Another further question on variation was being asked. This time, the question was to choose which one from the answers from A to D is a discontinuous variation.  Out of the options, he chose the correct answer which was 'finger print'.

Mom ignorantly popped a question, " Why is finger print discontinuous?"
Wyng answered matter-of-factly, "Finger prints don't change, it's permanent, that's why it is discontinuous. They don't keep changing."

Mom hates to admit it but she fully understands Wyng's explanation of the term 'discontinuous'. Kids just can see things so clearly compared to we,adults or Mom was just too slow to be digesting scientific facts.

Lesson from the kid : It was truly a simple lesson about variation from the television, made easier by Wyng. 

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