Sunday, December 4, 2011

My kid explains food chain

Wyng and I were watching National Geographic's "Built for the kill, Birds of prey" on television this afternoon.  An eagle was ferociously chasing after a rabbit in the wild. Mom felt a scene when the eagle coldbloodedly tear off the rabbit's flesh with its strong beak disgusting.  To Mom's yucks, Wyng knowledgeably explained, "It's the food chain, food chain is like this one.  We are also like that.

Thinking that I wasn't convinced, he elaborated, "We eat chicken. We cook it and eat it."

Time for Mom to test him. "What's a food chain?"
Wyng: "A grasshopper eats a leaf, a lizard eats grasshoppers. A wolf eats lizards.And then, tigers eat wolves."
Mom further probed, "We also eat junk food."
Wyng enthused, "They are living thing or meat!"
Mom asked again, "So, is food chain important?"
"We need to eat. Every living thing needs to survive, no?"

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