Thursday, March 17, 2016

His first camp

Am I going to be having peace of mind in the next 3 days 2 nights? Well, it certainly going to be a lot quieter without him around. 

For the first time in almost 13 years, he's gonna be away from home, and for quite long too, 3 days and 2 nights.  

The motherly side of me would be missing him a great deal. That's not surprising at all as he's been with me most of the time ever since he's born. I could also be worried about whether he's having proper meals and what not. 

On the other hand, I really NEED A BREAK. For the next 3 days, at least, I don't have to think what's his meals are, whether he's going to be fussy with his food. I don't need to be bothered if he's on the computer, playing games or if he's with his gadget. I think I won't be peeking into his room the first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up to see if this boy is awake with his gadget or downstairs in front of the TV.  And the daily ritual of Kumon drilling, that will be forgotten for a while. No more questioning and reminding if he's completed his homework. Ahhh... I think this is more of a time-out for Mom than for him. 

For the first time, I'm for this kind of camp.  He needs this kind of exposure, considering his 'not-so-independent' attitude.  He's definitely going to mingle with his friends and learn to get along harmoniously with them.  He's to get physical a little instead of being a couch potato or a mouse potato, not to mention other skills which this camp is supposed to teach the participants.  

Mom can definitely relax for a while. 

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