Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My faithful blood-sucker friends

They have been with me since I was in pre-school, as far as I can remember from a very old photo of a young innocent me. They left marks which are visible enough to be seen on photographs. Yes, that is how 'attached' they are to me.

We never part since then

Childhood, from primary to secondary even til adulthood

Their presence, never fails to be noticeable

By only the 'priviliged' few whom they adore,unfortunately

And when they sting, they cling

Til we feel the itching, darn annoying

Relentless, I swear they are

Ugly red bloody marks, in numbers, they often are

An identity I loathed to have

For I got interrogated in school for inviting these creatures

Who seemed to adore me so dearly

Ironically only a few feel their presence

As most are unscathed by them

Pleasing blood,it seems I have

To entice these blood-sucker friends

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