Monday, December 19, 2011

Arts class to keep the kid occupied productively

What better way to keep the kid occupied during these holidays than to enrol him in Arts classes?  As Wyng always draws on loose pieces of paper (though Mom purposely bought him an A4-sized book just for his drawing), I am not reluctant at all to send him for classes.

Wyng was adamant at first, as usual. Even after the first lesson, he was a little hesitant to go while I was dropping him at the centre for his second lesson.  During his first lesson, he drew a Santa Claus sock using colour pencil.  On the second week, he was taught to draw and colour a Christmas tree. Surprisingly, he came contentedly into the car and said he enjoyed the class.

That was what Mom wanted to hear. Anyway, December is a probation month for Wyng's Arts class. If he likes it, he will continue. Otherwise, Mom will not insist.

For this, Mom bought him poster colour and magic colour.  He will only get a big bag (to store his arts supplies) after he is sure that he will continue with the class.

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