Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A premium priced but lousy dinner

Have you ever walked into a Japanese restaurant without being greeted in Japanese? Yes, you can find it at Little Tokyo at Cheras Leisure Mall.

Not only were we not greeted, we were not served in a friendly manner.  Although we were queueing for vacant seats, we were not allowed to sit at a table supposedly for seven person.  There were four of us. We had to wait for a few more minutes until another table of four being cleared.

We waited quite a while for our food.  Actually, we don't mind the waiting if our food was delicious.  What made me fumed was that another table who came after us was being served their food first.  When I 'threatened' to leave, the waitress was not apologetic at all when she emphasized that 'our food will be served SOON'.

We were finally served! With the premium price we are paying, the serving and quality seem more like those served at 'lower-class' Japanese restaurant.

 Salmon Sashimi at RM18.90
I am never a lover of salmon sashimi so I don't know how this taste compared to other Japanese restaurant. According to Hoe and Daddy, it tastes good but Daddy gives the thumbs down for the price.

Ebiko prawn sushi at RM7.90 
Two pieces for RM7.90 may seem pricey though the size is bigger than the ones sold at Sushi King.

 Tuna sushi
Tuna (the canned type) sushi is one of my favourite. Sigh... only when they served that I realised it's actually fresh tuna sushi. I didn't know there's such tuna sushi sold until that day.

 Unagi tamado don RM18.90
For this price, the serving is too small.  The unagi is too precious for them to serve too many pieces.

 Kimchi noodle (I think sold at RM15.90)
Hoe adventurously ordered this noodle though Mom had warned him. Certainly not his cup of tea. There's not much meat, which is Hoe's favourite and the sour kimchi, yucks! Even Mom doesn't take a liking to it.

 Beef ball noodle (again I think sold at RM15.90)
Beef ball noodle, Mom has tried this else where and certainly knows what beef ball taste like. Should Japanese beef ball noodle taste like this? The beef ball doesn't taste like beef.  The soup is rather bland. 

Teriyaki Chicken at RM18.90
I was glad I ordered this.  This is the safest dish I will pick from a Japanese menu. It's rather disappointing though. How tough is it to cook teriyaki chicken? Well, for the price I paid, the teriyaki isn't flavoursome enough.  It's just ok. 

I missed that loud but warm 'Sumimasen!!' by waiters and waitresses from Japanese restaurants such as Sushi King, Sakae Sushi and Ichiban Boshi.  The total bill came to RM117, not so costly but it's not worth it for the kind of food and service rendered to us. By the way, there's NO service. When I had paid for the bill and we walked out, no waiters or waitresses bothered to thank us.

So, Little Tokyo, first and last visit!

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